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Sean Lee a.k.a. !1manBanjo!
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the players:
me=M.C. witch doctor microphone jazz jam-lead vocals & hoodoo
banjolismo mysterioso-thee banjo, percussion, soundeffects & slight ov hand
mr. goodfoot-bass drum
little lefty-tamborine
put 'em all together & what do you got?? The Monkey Band!!! -~>X<~-
all that & a whopper of a playlist, from old school zig ziag blues, hoodoo vaudeville, carnival harlequin songs, bittersweet romantic ballads, traditional favorites, gobbelin music, pirate tunes, ghostly melodies & tales of Eldrich horror + lots of surprizes!
let's rap, spin a ryme or two. some thing old, something new, something borrowed & something blue. married to the world in a ghost tree, where queen anansi swings in the breeze weaving lace & silken gowns from her line. through a looking glass cracked to the shadow house refection winking back, ....(forgotten?)
dreams of a witch wind born in the burning of autumn's child, goblins wild dancing spectral mask, hiding the sparkling harlequin eyes. old wise woman stitching twine, pulls a needle taught with time.
book me for your event, coerce me. I work best with a sound system to play thru, a d.i. for the banjo, vocal mic, bass drum mic, tamborine mic. I will occasionally do accoustic shows if the setting is intimate. I prefer to play events where there are already people in attendance, party vibes, but will play just about anywhere if I'm in the mood. I also do the 1 man banjo stand up, which is good, though it lacks the danceability of the full !1manbanjo! stage set.
I have c.d.s available, mainly my latest album. A Ghost Tree, though copies of adudio tome, hoodoo vaudeville & mystic 23 are still available upon special reguest. RSS Feed what is XML?

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